Sim Card not inserted problem in Evaluation Board EC200X V1.3 and EC200UEUAA on it

I have a EC200UEUAA 4G Module on a evaluation board (Evaluation Board EC200X V1.3).

I configured the main UART port output port of URC.

When I power on the module, I get


+CFUN: 1


When I enter AT+CPIN? As an AT command,

I get

AT+CPIN? +CME ERROR: 10 (SIM not inserted).

I’m sure that sim card is not broken and the module and sim card was working properly before.

This situation began to happen right after I started to activate the PDP context.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Amir,

Please confirm whether the SIM card holder is loose. Maybe you can try pressing the SIM card holder to see if the module can recognize the SIM card. If pressing has no effect, you can measure whether the power supply voltage of the SIM card is stable.