SHutting Down EC200U when pwrKey is Always Gnd


If we keep pwrKey always ground, in that case does from software can we shutdown EC200U Module?


hi, Abhishek_Singh
After normal startup, the POWERKEY of the EC200U is lowered for more than 3s, and the module enters the shutdown process.

Dear Herbert,

I agree with you but my question is little different here. If I pull down the pwrkey to ground on start and keep it pull down, Can I use AT commands to shutdown the module? I do not want to shutdown using pwrkey.


hi, Abhishek_Singh:
You can also power it down using the command “AT+QPOWD” without using powerKey

Great. Thanks for confirming. This will simplify our circuit design.

Sorry for interviening, but if you don’t have control over the power key and shut down the module, how would you power it back up?