Setting up the LC29HBA

Hello everybody. Please advise the optimal settings of the LC29HBA module for work in RTK. I’m interested in all the parameters that affect RTK performance while driving a four-wheeled vehicle. What is the best antenna to buy for such a module? Thank you. Best regards.

Hi Antyk
Please contact your local sales for purchase, and we will provide you with the module and the antenna that is adapted to the module.

Thank you for the answer, but I would like to know exactly what data frequency values ​​should be set. Where is 1 Hz, and where is 5 Hz or 10.

Hi Antyk
For LC29HBA RTK results, it is recommended that you use 1Hz output.

Hi, george!$Pair050 or $PQTMCFGFIXRATE,W,?

Hi Antyk
You can use either $Pair050 or $PQTMCFGFIXRATE,W,? command. After sending this command, send “$PQTMSAVEPAR*5A” to save the configuration.

Hello, george.gao! Thanks for the answer, but what should the value be? 1 Hz, 5 Hz?

Hi Antyk
The following are the commands for 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz and 10Hz. Save the commands and restart to take effect.

Hello, george.gao. lThanks for the answer. But what would be the best frequency value?

look here…

Fine. Thanks for the answer. One more question. If the transfer rate of the UART port is 57600 bits, will the RTK work normally? Should I set it to 115200 bits?

Hi Antyk
I suggest you change the baud rate to 115200bps. If it is 57600bps, data may be lost during transmission.
$PAIR864,0,0,115200*1B //Set the baud rate to 115200bps and it will take effect after resetting the module.

Hello, george.gao. At first, I used exactly the port speed of 115200, but the bluetooth did not want to work, so I had to put a lower speed. Now I’m thinking about which bluetooth to choose. Thanks for the answer. Best regards.

Hi Antyk
What Bluetooth model are you currently using? I can ask other colleagues, because I have no experience using Bluetooth modules.
You can look at the Bluetooth modules online, there should be quite a few that support high baud rates.

I use HC-05 bluetooth, but it keeps turning off when working at 115200 speed, so I want another bluetooth, but I don’t know which one will work well. I will be very grateful for the answer.

Hi Antyk
HC-05 Bluetooth supports 115200 baud rate. Is there something wrong with your settings?

Hello, george. gao. Yes, it supports, but it works unstable and RTK mode, it often turns off. I have two such Bluetooth devices and both work unstable at 115200. I agree that some settings may be incorrect, but I don’t know which ones.