Setting GNSS_VCC_EN using OpenCPU on MC60


I am trying to enable the GNSS_VCC_EN pin in order to enable my 3.3V Power Supply for the GNSS_VCC but using OpenCPU I am getting the following:

[2020-01-26 10:48:10:486_R:] <–OpenCPU: IIC TEST v3!–>

[2020-01-26 10:48:10:486_R:] <–IMU Test

[2020-01-26 10:48:10:486_R:] <–IMU ID ffffffff -1–>
[2020-01-26 10:51:38:279_R:] Power on GPS fail, iRet = -5.

Last line shows the result error code when I send “AT+QGNSSC=1”

Then, I tried to enable the power supply externally by applying VCC input voltage to the enable pin of my power supply, This process make the MC60 to do not power properly. I don’t have any output on the Serial Port.

Any advise on this?


Dear Jean,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum. Please make sure the power supply for GSM and GNSS part follow up the following steps, please double check whether your hardware design can meet the following requirment. Thanks!


I was able to fake the GNSS_VCC_EN by connecting another signal and then pressing the Power Button.

Can you explain how do I know when the system is fully booted? The diagram shows >1s but can you advise better estimate or how to check with a command from OpenCPU?

Dear Jean,
Normally, if the module power on normally, the VDD_Ext will have stable voltage, you can check it to judge whether the module power on.
For OpenCPU, you also can check the debug log information. If the module can power on normally, it will print debug log information when the app run normally via debug UART port.
The diagram just show the sequence of different signal that you need to pay attention. So please just double check your hardware design.Thanks!