Set baudrate on EG915U


We’re currently trying to increase the modem’s baud rate in our application. The “AT+IPR=921600;&W” command responds OK but the “AT+IPR?” command still responds “+IPR: 115200”. This is the case even after rebooting.

Do you know if there is anything more to do to apply the change?

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Some precision, the command worked from main UART connected to MCU but didn’t work from USB debug. In fact, we changed the baud rate to 921600b/s and now we can’t communicate through main UART caused by low hardware configuration between MCU and Modem…

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Ok that was an issue in my code.
Last question, has someone information about AUX UART on EG915u? I’m able to set higher baudrate for main uart but after that, i can’t communicate on AUX UART, at 921600 or 115200b/s.