Send UDP Data : 10sec between QCSCON1,1->1,0 whatever data size

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When I am sending DATA (UDP), whatever the size of data, I still observe 10sec +QCSCON: 1,1 and +QCSCON: 1,0. Why and how can I reduce it?

[2022-08-28_10:59:51:043]+QIOPEN: 1,0
[2022-08-28_10:59:57:830]> 0000000000
[2022-08-28_10:59:59:847]SEND OK
[2022-08-28_10:59:59:847]+QCSCON: 1,1
[2022-08-28_11:00:09:908]+QCSCON: 1,0

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+QCSCON: 1,1 represents that the RRC connection is established and the network registration is completed; The network will then be held by the inactive timer, and when the inactive timer expires, the network will make an RRC connection release and the module will return to the URC +QCSCON: 1,0;According to logs, 10s is an inactive timer that is determined by the network and generally cannot be changed

Thanks for the answer.
So in NbIOT, when a device has only 10Byte to send from time to time the BG770 must stay 10sec awake, the power consumption is quite significant.
Then, you mean there is no way to inform the network that no more data will be sent and the UE would like to go to sleep immediately, is that it?

This power consumption is unavoidable, and the timing is determined by the network

Maybe maybe you can convince the system to release the RRC connection. On a BG77 that is ‘AT+QCFG="rrcabort",1’ which tells the stack you have no more to do.

Thanks but this is not available for BG77x/BG95x.

@herbert.pan-Q : What does UE do during this 10 second period?

This timer is fixed, and according to your log analysis, it’s about 10 seconds

How about AT+QISENDEX with RAI=1?

Maybe your local network does not support RAI features

@herbert.pan-Q I was just trying to help @omandine
I don’t know if it works. I have good experience with BC95-G (AT+NSOSTF, so no, no problem with Czech Vodafone, it works) but very bad with BG77 and BG95-M3 (PSM, with(BG77) and without(BG95) QuecOpen).
We are hoping for BG772 (testing that for few days).

P.S.: @herbert.pan-Q Why is it limited to 512 bytes?

Please describe it in detail. I don’t understand what you mean

Related to module RAM space allocation

even worse: cannot be applied to “UDP SERVICE” … oh, f***
Before I open ticket for Bartlomiej Brzychcy, can you tell me how to use something like that in API? (QISENDEX/NSOSTF but in ql_send flags, or something. I did ask for that in BG77, nope, can BG772 do that? BC95-G works, can I get NSOSTF or anything like that in BG772?)

I think BG772 is IMPLEMENTable, have you tested it? I haven’t verified it

I don’t see anything in ql_socket.h about RAI, nothing to test, it is not there.
(SDK 1.0.2 I got with BG772AGLAAR01A03_BETA0816A_01.001V01.01.001V01_BETA0816A)

RAI is not supported. It is related to the network version and can only be implemented in R14

Hi Firda,
For BG77xA-GL series module, do not support MAC RAI and NAS RAI currently,
Those features are in devoping.

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