Send SMS Domain: SGs or IMS

Hello everyone.
Knowing that in 4G an SMS can be sent through SGs interface (2G / 3G) or through IMS services (4G).
Is the module able to automatically choose the SMS domain based on the services offered by the network operator on which it is registered?
If the network operator offers both domains, is the module able to set a preference?
Is it possible through a command to the module to know the sms domains available at that moment?

Specifically, I’m using the EC25EUXGAR08A08M1G_20.002.20.002 module


Hi Customer:

Our current module SMS strategy is:
If the IMS is currently registered, it will be sent from the IMS first, and if the IMS registration fails, it will be sent from the NAS first.

We can set the SMS domain through the following AT commands
at+qnvfw=“/nv/item_files/modem/mmode/sms_domain_pref”,00 //sms over ims not allowed

at+qnvfw=“/nv/item_files/modem/mmode/sms_domain_pref”,01 //sms over ims preferred

We can query the current SMS domain setting status through the AT command at+qnvfr=“/nv/item_files/modem/mmode/sms_domain_pref”
If it returns error, it is the default state, that is, ims takes precedence.