Send sample string to local database using BC95-G (NB-IoT click) module

Hi! I’m really new to this platform and component. I tried searching it in the internet but I can’t find any luck.

Can anyone show me a sample code on how to send simple string to local database using BC95-G module? Thank you.

hi, Cheska_Abarro:
Our modules support a variety of transport protocols (such as HTTP, FTP, MQTT, TCP\UDP, COAP, LWM2M), you can refer to the documentation in the link, and you will need to set up or purchase the appropriate application server,firstly your data is sent from the module to the application server, then the server to the database. but the module is not able to send data directly to your database.
I’m really sorry that I didn’t find the corresponding English reference manual. Some of the reference manuals are in Chinese or the models of modules are not consistent, but their basic principles are the same. If you have any problems or don’t understand them, we will keep communicating with you.thank you!

Can I use Xampp as my local server in this matter?

hi, Cheska_Abarro:
I think XAMPP can be used as your server, but the server you build must be accessible to the external network so that the module can send data to your server.
Also, since your server is built personally, I suggest you search through Google to find out more about NB and application protocols and successful cases.

Hi Herbert,

Thank you for your replies. I’m really new to data transmission using LTE so this is a really great help.

Another question regarding the topic, I found this commands online but I haven’t tested it yet due to NB IoT signal problems here in my location. I was wondering if this is also the way to send data to the server using BC95-G module

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards.

hi, Cheska_Abarro:
Yes, if your device can be registered on the NB network, these instructions are available for your module BC95-G;however,BC95-G does not support LTE.
If you use other types of modules, then you need to use other instructions to achieve your requirements, if you have LTE module, you need to send the version to me, I can provide you with the corresponding AT instructions.

I’m sorry, but I thought BC95-G can support LTE standard? If it does not support LTE, what type of sim card can I use for this to work?

hi, Cheska_Abarro:
BC95-G does not support LTE network, only support NB(NB-IoT), if you need to use this feature and application, you need to consult your SIM card provider to find out whether your SIM card supports NB network service.

Hi @herbert.pan-Q

Okay. I get it now. I will get in touch with network providers here in my country. Can you provide me the corresponding AT commands of BC95-G in sending string/data to server? Thank you so much.

hi, Cheska_Abarro:
I’m very sorry that I don’t have the reference manual for the corresponding model. I suggest you register an account on our company’s official website and download the corresponding files.

Got it. Thank you so much Herbert. I’ll contact my network provider and try the AT commands. I’ll let you know about the progress when I settled the NB signals first. Thank you so much for your help!

You are welcome. It’s my honor to help you out. If there are still other problems, we will keep in touch

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