Send EC25 MiniPCIe to sleep without removing USB from host

EC25 Mini PCIe manual writes that in order to put the module in sleep mode, three conditions must be fullfilled:

  1. AT command: “AT+QSCLK=1”
  2. Pull DTR to HIGH
  3. USB interface in a suspended state.

I would like to know whether is possible to put the EC25 in sleep mode even if the USB interface is not in a suspended state. I’m able to put it in sleep mode if I don’t have a USB cable connected and with just 1. and 2. actions. However, if I have a USB connected the EC25 does not go to sleep mode.

In other words: how can I put the EC25 MiniPCIe in sleep mode without suspending the host and without removing the USB connection?

Hello miguelwon
If you don’t want to remove the USB device, then you must power off the USB power supply pin or put the USB in a suspended state, otherwise the module cannot enter the sleep mode, thank you.