Select correct module

Dear forum users,
I am trying to determine which module to select. Already made mistakes selecting LTE modules from another brand that did not have the functions former modules used to have.
This is what I need:
LTE modem possible to use worldwide with backwards 3G/2G compatibility, but initially Europe (Netherlands )
Being able to make and receive voice calls.
Detecting and decoding remote DTMF tones to ascii ( serial ). ( 0 to 9 and #,* )
Being able to play wav instruction messages from location on same pc as module is connected to.
Send sms’s and if possible emails.

Hope someone can give me the right info, so I do not have to search and dig every single doc and AT commands for the different modules.

Thx. Marc

Hello MARcvE, thanks for your question
Regarding module selection, we need to know more detailed information (use location, network format, FOTA upgrade, VoLTE function, cost issues, etc.) You can send an email to We will have local sales restriction personnel contact you and select the appropriate module for you according to your area and functional requirements, thank you.

@Duncan. XU, thanks for the reply.
I already send an email as suggested. Now hope I get an answer soon, because I need to get the project finished. Regards, Marc