See the message exchange between RM500Q-GL and gNB

Hey everyone,

we successfully integrated our modem into our 5G standalone campus network based on the OpenAirInterface solution. We used AT commands to set the APN access and thus register it with the 5G core. The modem is also assigned an IP address by the core, which can be retrieved via the AT command “AT+CGPADDR”. We can successfully ping the modem from the core and also access the internet through the modem. However, we would like to obtain more debugging information to further analyze the quality of our deployed 5G network.

Therefore the question: Is there an API, command-line tool or SDK for the Quectel modem to get a deeper insight into the modem’s communication processes? The usage of AT commands in our case seems not to be sufficient. We would like to the the package exchange between the Quectel modem and our gNB, so that we could the the exchange of MIB and SIB for example.

Does anyone know if there is a way to achieve this?


Dear Bjoern,
Thanks for your question.
You can still use like at+qeng=“servingcell”/“neighbourcell” to obtain network information, such serving cell and neighbour cells.
By the way, what do you mean OpenAirInterface solution?, do you use openlinux?what is your current firmware version, please use ATI command to get it. Thanks!

Hello @Peter.Zhu-Q ,
with OpenAirInterface I meant the solution to operate our own 5G campus network.
What we need is an access to the debug interface of the Quectel modem. So that we can for example read layer 3 messages from the modem. For example we would like to record the registration process between gNB and UE on the modem side to get better information about MIB and SIB and how the modem interprets these messages. Is it possible to get access to read the debug messages? We have discovered the QLog software, but we cannot open the corresponding files.

Dear Sir,
The log captured by QLOG tool need be imported to QXDM for analysis.
So do you have QXDM tool?

No, we do not have the QXDM tool. Does this tool allow encoding the debug messages in real-time?

Yes, QXDM is a tool for Qualcomm,and the tool should be authorized by Qualcomm,thanks!

Do you have a contact to obtain a research license from Qualcomm?

no, but if you have issues with the module, you can tell us the more details and send us related qlog, we can help you to analyze, thanks!

hi bjoern
you probably need diag port from quectel madual. this port gives you a lot of information for example RRC message from layer 3.
best wishes

hi guys,

please let me know, how to get qlog software as we need to debug messages between gnodeb and RM-500q-gl
Thanks in advance.

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The same. I have RM500Q-GL with an evaluation board. would you please help how can I query the event log from the modem?

Hi @rira, could you enlighten us more as to how you get those messages exactly?