SDK Integration with iMx8M


We are trying to build a kernel for iMx8m processor which can handle V2X data coming from AG15 board. We are using google coral board for using iMx8m processor. Google coral board has Mendel Linux OS which is running on imx8m processor:

Referring Quectel document(Rev. AG15_V2X_EAP_Integration_Guide_V1.2). The SDK USB patch is given for 4.14.78 for imx8. But Mendel Linux OS has current version 4.14.98. In anyways, we tried adding patch with newer version and it is giving errors while building kernel. Please either provide upgraded patch or solution to the problem.

Patch we tried to integrate with iMx8m Linux OS.

Error after patch intergration:

Hi Quectel Team,

Please respond the above query.

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