SD Card mount fail in EC200U while using Quecpython

Hi Team,

We’re using the EC200U-CN-TE-A module with Quecpython and currently facing an issue with the SD card. When we reboot the module and create the sd card object using uos.VfsSd(‘sd_fs’) it shows the following error.

Interestingly, when we manually take take-off the SD card and put it back again and then type the same command it is mounting successfully.

But when we reboot the module and then type the same command it shows mount failed unless we remove the card and put back again.

However the SD Card is working perfectly in the Evaluation board and shows no error whatsoever.

The problem is faced only in our custom PCB board which were designed exactly as suggested in the Hardware Design Manual.

Another important point is that we’re facing this issue in every SD Cards except the SD Cards by Hewlett Packard (HP). But HP SD cards too fail in some occasions.

These are the design schematics.

Also please send me the latest Quectel EC200UCNAA firmware so that I can check whether the AT Commands for SD Card is working fine. Most of the AT commands are showing error while using Quecpython firmware.

Please go through them and suggest any hardware changes if required.

Febin D Sam
Emo Energy


I used EVB to test and the SD card worked fine.

Please refer to the link below for details.

The latest firmware of the EC200U is as follows (16.2 MB)

And I suggest you provide the full schematic and we’ll check it out