SD card application in MC60 issue

I am trying to access the SD Card on the MC60E EVB board but unfortunately it is unable to mount the SD card. It throws ERROR.!


The AT command reference manual has only one command that just to mount and unmount.
Is there any application note that would guide us to achieve this?

Which type of SD card partition does MC60E supports ?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About SD card, it just have such command to mount or unmount with AT+QMSDC command. Thanks!

By the way, the MC60 supported SD card should meet the following requirement. Thanks!

We are unable to mount the SD card, Please find the details in the attached log.

Dear Sir,
Just see that you use MC60E module to test SD function. I have double check with RD, MC60E module cannot support SD function, while MC60 module can support it. So if you want to test SD function, you can use MC60 module not MC60E module. Thanks!

Thank you for the quick response. We are using MC60E module.
Will MC60E support SD card in near future by FOTA updates? Thanks in advance .

Till now, we have no such plan to support it. It is mainly because the module have limited space to support so many function, and fewer customers use this feature. Thanks!