SC66 Touch Panel I2C

Hello sir,

I want to ask question about the touch panel I2C of the SC66-e Smart Module. Could I connect multiple devices to the touch panel of I2C or Does this line support connecting multiple devices?? For example, I want to connect the touch panel of my LCD and temperature sensor to the same I2C line which belongs to the touch panel I2C in SC66-e.

You can connect multiple devices to the I2C bus.
But for sensors, there is a dedicated I2C bus to connect.

Okay, thank you for your reply.
Alright, can I use the Cam I2C0 or Cam I2C1 of SC66 to connect multiple devices?

Cam I2C0 is used for read and front cameras.
Cam I2C1 is used for depth camera.
CAM_I2C signals are controlled by Linux Kernel code and support connection with video output related devices.

Hmm, I got it. Thank you for your help.