SC66 Flashlight Controlling

Hello guys. I am struggling to run flashlight on sc66 development board. sc66 uses flashlight power management pins in source codes, but I want to cancel power management pins and use gpio72 in gpio77 torch for flash. How can I do that. Flashlight is controlled by gpio in SC20, but I wrote the codes there but it didn’t work.

and the torch is not clickable

If you do not understand, please write, I will try to explain better.

maybe these two pin have been used for another purpose…

How you check it?

You can check it with


Hello, can you please explain to me what to do?
I want it to work with gpio pins, not power management pins.

From that, at least the GPIO 77 is not used for any other purpose.
Do you use the EVB from Quectel?I 'll try to test it…

I think you can try to test the GPIO72 and GPIO75 by using sysfs.
GPIO Sysfs Interface for Userspace — The Linux Kernel documentation

Yes im use evb. SDM660 SoC. When I set the pin high with ECHO, gpio72 works, but gpio77 does not allow it. On the gpio 72, it only flashes for 2 seconds and then turns off.