SC66-E - Dual USB USB 3.1 + USB2.0

Hi All,
I have the SC66-E smart module and Smart EVB G2 Kit.
There is an USB3.1 connector on SC66 board and micro-USB connector on EVB. Is it possible to use both USB connectors simultaneously? USB3.1 connector works fine. But if I try to connect USB device to micro-USB connector I see no reaction in Linux console (Debug UART).
I use Android 10.

Hi wmmaks:
SC66 TE_A is USB3.0 by default and supports USB2.0. TYPE C and MICRO cannot be used at the same time. If you want to use the mircro interface, the hardware needs to be changed and the software needs to be patched. For details, please refer to “Quectel_SC66_Hardware_Design”.

Hi fuguiwang2020,
I see in Quectel_SC66_Hardware_Design v1.2
Could you share with me a list of hardware changes and software patch? I am very interested in USB 2.0 host interface.

You need to select the mode according to the part of the image below

If in uUSB mode, you only need to connect CC1 to ground to enter HOST mode.
If TYPE C mode, you only need to connect CC1 or CC2 to 5.1K to ground to enter HOST mode.