SC600T supported camera


We select SC600T for our design. we will use the camera interface with it.
We want to know the list of camera which SC600T support. Means we able to direct plug the camera with module and operate it without any driver development.we are planning to use OV5670 camera.

What is the active current of this module when there is no activity(in airplane mode) and remains on to detect any interrupt on GPIO?


we have not add ov5670 to our sdk.
So if you want to use this camera, we can help you to do that.
But your camera vendor should provide the driver codes and effect codes of camera sensor for msm8953.

you can use this camera:OV5645
we have verified OV5645.

Dear jax.zhang
Thank you for Reply.

So OV5645 is added in SDK and no need for driver development. Am I right?
From where I can get all supported list of camera?


yes, you are right.
you can ask our fae to send the list to you.

Hello jax.zhang,
I want to use the ov5640 camera with the SC600T. I have a driver problem, I don’t have the chromatix. Do you have the ov5640 driver or if not, could you give me the ov5645 driver to see if it works on mine?
thank you in advance

Hello Jax.Zhang,
I have an ov5640 camera on my Quectel sc600T card, I cannot control the camera in 5MP (2592x1944) in YUV, but I manage to have a nice image in 3MP. For the raw format (bayer) I am missing the chromatix. My question is to know if you have the driver of ov5640?
thank you in advance

Hello Amit1,
Did you manage to drive your ov5645 camera with 5MP in raw (bayer) or in YUV? if yes can you help me please?
thank you in advance