Sc600t not allowing at commands

i’m using an sc600t module on its evluation board.
The com port appears in the device manager and the Qcom software can use it. However, i cannot send at commands. The operating system is windows 10.
How is it possible?


Hello Blimarith

Which port do you choose?
You should choose the modem port , Qualcomm HS-USB Modem 9091.

actually, the PC does not recognize the module as a modem in the device manager. I have also tried the windows configuration of the device as modem, but I could not do it because the sc600t did not appear in the list of configurable modems.

I did this both by connecting the sc600t via the UART-to-USB cable and the microUSB-to-USB cable.

Please show me the device manager.

Here it is. Sorry if the device manager is in italian.
Now the board is connected via the usb C cable and is noticed by the PC. The problem is that it goes under “Other devices” (“altri dispositivi”)

i’m adding some information.
The content of the pen drive that was with the module is the one in the picture.

I’ve downloaded Qcom from this forum, but maybe something else is needed to make it work.

You might don’t have the usb driver.
I will send it to you.