SC200E Main UART

I have a development kit SMART-EVB-G2_v1.3 with SC200E.

Could someone explain how to use the MAIN UART? If I connect the DEBUG UART to my PC I can get the console, but main UART just send this message at boot “Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!” and I can’t do anything with it. The documentation informs that objective of this UART is send AT commands and data, how to do that?

At the end, I need to use this UART to connect a RS485 interface to send and receive application specific data to anothers devices at a proprietary network. If the AT commands really works, I need disable it to get control of this UART.

Here is the ttys, someone knows which one is the main uart?


Thank you,

For the SC200E,
the ttyMSM0 is the debug console.
The ttyHS1 should be the Main uart.
The ttyHS0 Is used for Bluetooth.

But if you would like to test it, you have to make sure the uart would not go to runtime suspend flow.


Thank you, it works.

Could you help with more one question?

Is the UART1_TX and UART1_RX used for bluetooth internally? Or it could be used for my application? My doubt is because these pins are avaliable externally at SC200E.


According to the Hardware Desigin,
the main uart:

if you would like to use the UART1, even though according to the HD, it can be used, but actually you still need some patches from Quectel. At least, I am sure Quectel have to provide you a TZ image.

But it is sorry I cannot provide it in the forums.