SC200E-EM: Bluetooth connectivity issues on EVK

Hi Team,
We are working on the Bluetooth interface of the SC200E-EM Module on EVK itself. And we are facing the connection issues as explained below.

Issue: When we try to connect the SC200E-EM with any of the Mobile phones, SC200E-EM EVK is able to list out the Bluetooth devices. After connecting with the devices, immediately disconnecting. And no suspicious logs are identified in the dmesg log or logcat.

NOTE: We have connected the on-board WiFi/BT, MAIN, DRX antennas as well. And build is generated from the default source code from the Quectel (Just downloaded and generated the build, No code changes are done from our side in the code)

Can you consider this as high priority and suggest some solution for this?

Hi @ramakrishna.pappuru1
Please provide git log and git branch info about your default source code.
Could you grab the logcat to us for analysis.
BTW, could you tell me what’s your region and name of your company?

Hi @Jonas-Q ,

We are from Embitel Technologies. India,

we are unable to attach any documents as portal is throwing error.
can you share you e-mail for further communication.

Do you have an e-service account of Quectel? If yes, you can create a ticket on it, we will let our relevant collegue to follow up.