SC200E Android Firmware

Hey guys, I have a SC200E-EM module EVB kit with single touch screen. I was following the Quectel_SC200E_Series_Compilling_Burning_Guide_V1.0.pdf guide and had to compile bengal-userdebug but I don’t see it when I run lunch command.

3. Prepare the Android code, execute the following commands in the code directory to compile the 
entire Android image package. 
-Execute the following commands to compile the entire Android 11 image package:
After compilation, the generated images are in directory $AndroidCodeDir/out/target/product/bengal. 
For 32go version, the generated images are in directory out\target\product\bengal_32go.

source build/
lunch bengal-userdebug //For 32go version, the command is lunch bengal_32go-userdebug.
./ dist -jn //n indicates the number of CPU threads

How to setup the android code properly?


repo init -u -b android-11.0.0_r43 --depth=1
repo sync

This is how I repo init and fetch code, also is there any other source of bengal code?

HI, ashwani:
Do you download the Android source code from Google website?
Quectel Android source code is on our gitlab server.

Hey :wave:,

I did download android source code from google website because I didn’t know about Quectel gitlab server yet.
Should I use this: Sign in · GitLab to access as it comes on top when I search Quectel gitlab? or some other place?


Yes, you can download code from GitLab directly if you have account.

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