SC200 R-EM Android 10 source code download and flash user guide

You can run this command and recompile.

Command missing in your reply. can you share again.

Is the command that prompted you in the error report

rm -rf “…”

Ohh okay. Thanks! I will check.

Build done successfully. While flashing I’m getting below error.

SC200R\Overseas\Android10.0.0_kernel4.9_r023\Documents\Software\Unpacking_Tool\SC200R_Android_10.0.0_r023_Unpacking_Tool_20200920> .\build_SC200R.bat
File “”, line 74
except ml.PartitionSizeNotFoundException , ex:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Can I see the specific screenshot

While running “build_SC200” this I’m getting below error.


Yes. How can I fix it.

This error reminds you that the file path is too deep, I suggest you change the file path

Thank u! It’s working.

No thanks, I’m glad to help you

While checking other peripherals… USB file transfer mode not working. Its not showing as normal phone folder

Can you be more specific? Or what have you changed?