SC200 Android 10 How to change boot animation on Android source code

In SC200 Android 10 source code, I want to disable normal Android boot animation and I want put My own customized Boot animation.

Hi aravinthkumarj1,

Tomorrow, i’ll send the relevant document to your email.

Thanks abby,
Please share as soon as possible.

Hi aravinthkumarj1,

the document has sent to your email, please pay attention to receive it.

Thanks for your response. In document mentioned location not present in Android 10 source.

From Doc:

Boot Animation: in Android/vendor/qcom/proprietary/qrdplus/Extension/apps/BootAnimation/

From Source:

aravinth@aravinth:~/Project/Quectel/AndroidQ/vendor/qcom/proprietary/qrdplus$ ls

Please help me to bring this out.

Hi aravinthkumarj1,
You can create BootAnimation yourself under the apps path.

Hi Kevin,
Okay, I will try the same.
In document after proprietary -> commonsys not mentioned.

Different versions have different code structures.

Hi Kevin,
I have tried but not working. Can you share sample file.

Dear aravinthkumar,
I have sent a file to your email