SC20 Yocto Linux Build

Hello, I’m trying to get a Linux image for SC20 in Yocto. But there are some questions that i cant find an answer to.

  1. I couldn’t find a meta-layer where SC20 is supported and any documentation on how to get SC20 build on Yocto Linux.
  2. I am currently using ubuntu 20.04. Do I really need to downgrade to 16.04 or use Docker?
  3. Someone says that SC20 must be merged with Linux SDK in order to get build on Yocto and that is the only way. In addition, access to SDK is for customers only. Is it right?
  4. If I have a SC20, how can I access Yocto linux documents and SDK?

1、To obtain SC20 documentation, first you need to have an FTP account, and you can download documentation about building SC20 on Yocto Linux from FTP
2、It is recommended that you downgrade, because whether it is an Android or Linux project, after experiments, ubuntu16.04 can guarantee fewer compilation problems. It can be guaranteed that most projects will have fewer compilation problems. Because of the higher version of ubuntu, we have not integrated some libraries, and the compilation will prompt a large number of undefined functions.
You can also use docker if you don’t want to downgrade, we also provide related documents on FTP
3、You are required to provide your email address, questionnaire and NDA documents.
We need to help you apply for a gitlab account and an FTP account, so that you can access the FTP server and download documents. After applying for an account, you can get the SDK

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You need to communicate with Local FAE to open an account, and Local FAE and sales are responsible for reviewing the authenticity of customer projects.
After the audit is successful, we will send you an email, which contains the FTP and SDK accounts