SC20 - Wi-Fi Issue

Hello community,

I am using a SC20 SMART-EVB_1.3 Kit.
Recently I’ve flashed a new boot image (boot.img) with slightly adjusted permissions at
My issue is: Wi-Fi service (WLAN) stucks in the OFF state when I am trying to enable it… The MAC address that is shown on the WLAN is 02:00:00:00:00:00, thus I suppose there is a problem. All the other services, like Bluetooth, LTE, et cetera - are working.

Does anyone have an idea, what could go wrong after flashing and how to fix that issue?


It sound like you wiped the NV memory when you flashed. I have no idea what the SC20 is based on, (i.e. what’s inside). But, if it is a Qualcomm chipset, you should be able to use QXDM (or Quacktel’s own tools) to reset/replace the NV items. That said, there should be other backup partitions of the NV items.

Please contact the support, as I’m just an innocent member.

The bootimage don’t match with system.img.

The phenomenon is that when you turn on the wifi button, it automatically turn off.

The wlan.ko is in system.img. So when we use fastboot to flash bootimage.

The signature of the wlan.ko will no be able to installed.

Then the wifi will be abnormal operation.

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Do you mean, that I have to compile and flash system.img along with boot.img ?

do a test and tell result.

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Hi Jax,

You were right. The issue was due to system,img and boot.img mismatch.
After flashing SC20 with both images, the problem was resolved, and Wi-Fi service works now,
Many thanks!


I flash all images which available for fastboot mode:

sudo fastboot flash aboot $unpacked_rom/emmc_appsboot.mbn
sudo fastboot flash boot $unpacked_rom/boot.img
sudo fastboot flash recovery $unpacked_rom/recovery.img
sudo fastboot flash system $unpacked_rom/system.img
sudo fastboot flash userdata $unpacked_rom/userdata.img

But i can’t enable WIFI, trigger pulls off. BLE works okay. Somebody faced with issue like that?

Hi Jax,

I am working on SC66 platform and have the same issue.
After installing an ota update, WiFi stucks in the OFF state.
I also adjusted permissions at and then created an ota package by using a command like this:

ota_from_target_files -i

The ota_package installs fine but afterwards, WiFi can not be enabled.
If I flash the vendor.img which was created with, WiFi is OK.
As you mentioned earlier, the signature of the wlan.ko will not be able to be installed.

So how is it possible to create an ota update package which does not break WiFi?


Hi All,

I see different issues appear in this list, so please re-create different list with different issue or platform, so that we can support you better.