SC20 Software Development

Hi All,

I have several years of embedded system development with the use of ARM core MCU but I am green to SC20.

I am going to use SC20 for a gerenal application like an MCU to control some peripherals like motors and GUI + TP (MIPI TFT) building. I have a few questions about the software development

  1. Are there any IDE(Like IAR / Keil) for debugging the embedded system with Android as OS?
  2. I are looking for some example codes or SDK as a reference to start with it
    3, I would like to get start with the EVB first. Are there any guidance for me to get start with it?

Can anyone help regarding them?


Hi ,Patricklau:
If you need an IDE, you can use Android Studio.
Are you a personal developer or a company?

Thank you for your reply.
I intend to use it for my potential project for commercial use. Since my system will be complicated and so there is a need to have an IDE to debug the code.

Thanks for this solution. I also have the same case. Very helpful.

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