SC20 Smart EVB camera gstreamer source


We are using SC20 Module running linux 3.18 for our custom application. We need to stream the camera over network. Planning to use ‘gstreamer’ for this. Is there any gstreamer ‘source’ worked out for the camera on board SC20 Smart EVB reference board?. Do we need to write a custom ‘gstreamer source’ for this?

Planned pipeline is camera->encode->rtpstream >>> [IP Network]


Hello, SC20 is a smart module, I will assign this issue to smart group.

It sounds possible.
You’d porting the gstreamer framework.


Any reference? Either using gstreamer or any other method for RTP streaming


Yocto Linux or Android Project?
You can find the usage of gstreamer on any other forums.

Yocto Linux. We know the gstreamer usage. Was looking for the gstreamer element for the on board Smart EVB camera. Guess we cannot use gstreamer ‘v4l2src’?


It is opensource libarary, and you can find the recipe in the yocto SDK.
There is no document about it.

Understand. The point is we cannot run the gstreamer for on board camera? Just want to confirm ?

I don’t think so. I know little about gstreamer.
If you test camera on some platfrom like Ubuntu well, I think the camera on the board should work well.
I think you should post your question on Gstreamer related forums…

This will be a platform specific implementation for the camera source. It will work with gstreamer if the ‘camera source’ is compatible with the standard source like v4lsrc (unfortunately its not).


Seems like quectel has written this


The source is closed and provided as library. The details are

Factory Details:
Rank primary (256)
Long-name Quectel Mipi Camera Source
Klass Source/Video
Description Reads frames from a QuectelMipi device
Author Les Li

Plugin Details:
Name quectelmipisource
Description elements for Quectel Mipi Source
Filename /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/
Version 1.12.2
License LGPL
Source module gst-plugins-good
Source release date 2017-07-14
Binary package GStreamer Good Plug-ins source release
Origin URL Unknown package origin


Since the source is closed, I have another question. Can we use this for our own sensor module in a custom PCB using SC20?.