SC20 SMART EVB Android 8 Support


I’m working with the SC20 SMART EVB kit using Android 7.1 i used this support package provided by Quectel.


There is an upgrade package for android 8?

Thank you.

if you want get Quectel’s SDK for android8, you can ask our fae for help.
Can you tell me what country are you from?

Hello Jax.zhang I’m asking if the version of the package for android 8 is available since my fae manager only confirms that they only have support for android 7. I see that some user on the forum has received that android 8 upgrade package. If you would be so kind as to confirm that there is an android 8 version for the SC20 i can talk with my FAE with this forum link.

Thank you.

yes, you can get it. if our fae don’t know how to give it to you, you can tell him to ask me for help.

Befor you get the sdk, PM of Quectel need approve.
Have a good day.:grinning:

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