SC20 Single SIM configuration

Hi all,

I need to turn off dual-SIM support on the SC20 module because our device will only have one SIM slot and we don’t need multi-SIM settings in the system settings. We are running Android 8.1.0 on the SC20.

I tried to change the value of property “” from “dsds” to “ssss” or “none” but it doesn’t work. The multi-SIM settings disappeared from the system which is nice, but the SIM card stopped working. The modem does not connect to the mobile network and does not even require entering a PIN code when starting Android. The SIM is inserted in slot 1.

How can I configure the SC20 for single-SIM? Does SC20 support single-SIM configuration?


SC20 supportes sinagel-SIM.
AT+QCFG=“simconfig” //Query the current setting
AT+QCFG=“simconfig”,1 //Configure single SIM card.


Thank you for your help, it works!

But I have one more question, can this be configured within the AOSP source codes? We would not like to configure each device via the AT command.

Do you need the demo about how to execute the AT command in Android APP?

Yes, that would be nice.

Single (1.5 KB)
Please check the zip file.

Thank you, it helped.