SC20 SDK deployment and upload pipeline

Hi all,

I (and my client) am waiting for the shipping of a smart evb and a couple of SC20 Linux modules.
We need them to build a bicycle tracking device (and burglar alarm).

I have already downloaded the Linux SDK from GitLab and all de documentation from the FTP.
I have installed the SDK into a docker and I have read all the documents, but I do not have any clue about the building/compiling pipeline and how to upload my application on the device.
Let me explain. I know that I can flash the firmware on the module, but I need every time to compile the yocto Linux distribution including my modified custom application or I can somehow “upload” only my application? What do the commands “build-8909-quec-smart-image” and “rebake” do?

Why I have to execute the following commands (as the document says) on another pc?
Please copy sdk to another PC and install it:
$source /usr/local/oecore-x86_64/environment-setup-armv7ahf-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi
How can I integrate my application in the fw? maybe using “rebake”?

I have other questions about this topic, but I think these will follow this conversation.


hi alegioit
SC20 Linux Version needs the help of our internal R&D. Do you have an account of Quectel’s E-service System? If so, you can create a ticket on it. Or you can send the issues by your company’s mail box so that our colleague can help you. BTW, could you tell us what is your company’s name and in which country or region?
The following is my emails:

You can rebuild only your recipe by using bitake my-recipe instead of bitbake machine-image as the build-8909-quec-smart-image command do.

To be more comfortable with bitbake a good start point is to build a distribution and run it on qemu. You will find lots of tutorials on internet.

After, you can use these knowledges with the sc20 SDK.