SC20 pwr_key button

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We are developing our own board using the SC20.

It is an IOT board, so if it lose the power, when it recover the power It needs to restart itself.

How we can avoid to press the pwr_key button? is there a software configuration?


do you mean you want the module to start up by itself? without pressing pwr_key button?

Yes, if we provide power to the unit, it doesn’t start, we necessary need to press the pwr_key for 10 seconds to turn on the unit. Is there a configuration to change that?

there may be not SW way to configure it, maybe you could provide power for USB port, which could let module start up

Quectel_SCxx_Auto_Power-on_Application_Note_V1.0_20200107.pdf (140.1 KB)

for auto power on you can use different methods.
1- if you apply the voltage at VBUS (USB_VBUS) system will power on automatically.
2- you can use auto power on circuit on your board, reference design is attached.

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Hi, I have the same problem.
As per your reply if I connect the module not only by battery, but by USB_VBUS, if I apply 5V to USB_VBUS after the module was powered down it will power up itself without the need to pull down the powerkey pin? is it correct?

yes just applying voltage at VBUS module will power ON, no need tp press PWRKEY.

Hi Tanveer,
sorry to bother you again! I am in contact with the quectel technical support for other questions and I also asked them the same question. They reply to me that I need to pull down the PWRKEY anyway in order to start up the module. Maybe start-up and power on are two different things? What is the truth?
Just to be clear I need to start up the module automatically and I need to have it fully functional and not only to charge the battery.


i upload two video files wher
1- i power on system by connecting 5V at VBUS.
2- power on system with USB cable.
if you have any question you are welcome

Video (3.6 MB)

Hi Tanveer,

you are the best! Thank you very very much!