SC20 power off current on EVB board

We are using Smart EVB kit with SC20ESA module for our product development & testing.

In the datasheet, the power off current for SC20 is listed as 20uA. We are powering the EVB through a 3.7V, 2500mAh Li-ion battery from the battery header on EVB. We have put the EVB switches into VBAT position & external charger switch is in OFF position.

When we try to measure the current drawn from battery, when the SC20 is powered OFF (hold On/off switch --> Select Power off from the popup menu on LCD), it is showing 16mA! This is after we removed the GPS antenna which was drawing even more current.

When we just apply power to the EVB board with the SC20 module unplugged, the current drops to ~2mA. The power on LED drawings ~1mA current by measuring the voltage across its series resistor (V/R). So the SC20 module itself must be consuming ~14mA current. Wondering why it is consuming so much current in off mode while datasheet lists this to be 20uA.

So please advise how we can achieve the power off current close to the datasheet value?

hi naveen:
if you want measure the power off current, you can remove R103.
Then use battery power sc20 from R103.

the reason that cause current you measured is too big is another module will use the battery.
you can ask our fae for schematic of EVB. I think you will understand how to do.

Thanks for your response. We are trying that & will get back to you.