SC20 Platform Dependent SDK Download

Hi All,

May I ask how can I get the stated SDK?

My email :


you could contact with local FAE, they will create an account for you to git corresponding codes from Github/FTP server

The statement “contact a local FAE and then you get the access to the SDK Git”, is not true (unfortunately).

I am an embedded developer who was last year looking for a suitable microcomputer and the SC20 was the perfect hit. But I needed Linux support (stated in the produt sheet !), not the stock Android.

I contacted Quectel, our General Manager even signed the NDA to get the access to the SDK, and then the process hit a red light somehow. Nobody would provide us the access to Linux SDK unless we plan to buy thousands of pieces every year apparently.
We got really disappointed with this and also a little angry because of this approach. I still receive Quectel’s newsletter which shows cool new products, which I might use, however it is even impossible to reach access for it.
Access to SDK and access to software support from this company is the worst I encountered since I started working. Every small Asian brand offers more support than Quectel. They don’t even care you can’t use the product as described in the product lists (Linux support).


Hi, martin,
I am sorry for hearing that, could you tell me which region are you locating in?