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have PN7150 NFC controller I am adding the hardware configuration in the device tree. But my device is not registered in i2c bus and device node /dev/pn544 is also not created.

Followed this application note as it is

this is the device tree structure that i have been used:

nfc:pn547@28 {/PN7150 NFC/

compatible = “nxp,pn544”;

reg = <0x28>;

pinctrl-names = “nfc_active”,“nfc_suspend”;

pinctrl-0 = <&nfc_int_active &nfc_disable_active>;

pinctrl-1 = <&nfc_int_suspend &nfc_disable_suspend>;

interrupt-parent = <&msm_gpio>;

interrupts = <14 0x2>;

enable-gpios = <&msm_gpio 92 0x1>;

interrupt-gpios = <&msm_gpio 14 0x1>;


correct me if i’m wrong

I am using the following test application to test the MIFARE cards for nougat using PN7150 NFC chip.

nxpnfc_android_nougat/FactoryTestApp at master · NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_nougat · GitHub

and it is showing like this :

msm8909:/data # NfcFactoryTestApp


NFC Factory Test Application


Cannot connect to PN71xx NFC controller

255|msm8909:/data #

please help me to solve the problem.

Hi richucjalpy,

About the problem of NFC function, what is the current progress? Have the problem been solved?
If there is no progress, please provide the following information and we will support you in time:

  1. Do you want to use PN7150 on android7 or android8?
  2. Can you provide kernel log?


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Hi Abby,
thank you for your response.

  • I want to port PN7150 on android 7.1

here is the adb log:

Hi Abby,
I want to integrate it in android 7.1
adb log

Hi richucjalpy,

We have confirmed your requirement now.
From the information you’ve provided so far, your I2C driver has not been debugged passed.So the first, solve the i2c driver migration and then migrate the upper code.
you can send them to our e-mail address, that is "", we can help you to debug it.

Thank you!

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Hi abby,
i’m using sensor_i2c pins for pn7150 .
GPIO_14 as NFC_IRQ and GPIO_92 as NFC_ENB
this is the modification that I have done on device tree.

any other modification has to be made on the device tree for the proper i2c communication.


Hi richucjalpy,
Attachment is already been debugged about “pn7150” on sc20_Android7.1.2, you can use them, the patch is including kernel and framework.
Notes: you need change the I2C pins for your schematic.

Attachment path:

Thank you

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Hi abby,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Can you share the schematic of your design.

Hi richucjalpy,
I have put the schemaic in that link, you can get it from there.

Thank you

Hi abby,
what type of antenna did you used?
Can you suggest vendors for purchasing sticker antenna for the same?
this is the specifications of antenna that I’m looking for…


Hi richucjalpy,

That is no specific type of recommendations, the antenna is mainly used to amplify the signal. It needs to be selected according to your design structure, so i suggest you can contact an antenna manufacture to get more information.

Thank you