Sc20 | nfc | pn7150

have PN7150 NFC controller I am adding the hardware configuration in the device tree. But my device is not registered in i2c bus and device node /dev/pn544 is also not created.

Followed this application note as it is

this is the device tree structure that i have been used:

nfc:pn547@28 {/PN7150 NFC/

compatible = “nxp,pn544”;

reg = <0x28>;

pinctrl-names = “nfc_active”,“nfc_suspend”;

pinctrl-0 = <&nfc_int_active &nfc_disable_active>;

pinctrl-1 = <&nfc_int_suspend &nfc_disable_suspend>;

interrupt-parent = <&msm_gpio>;

interrupts = <14 0x2>;

enable-gpios = <&msm_gpio 92 0x1>;

interrupt-gpios = <&msm_gpio 14 0x1>;


correct me if i’m wrong

I am using the following test application to test the MIFARE cards for nougat using PN7150 NFC chip.

nxpnfc_android_nougat/FactoryTestApp at master · NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_nougat · GitHub

and it is showing like this :

msm8909:/data # NfcFactoryTestApp


NFC Factory Test Application


Cannot connect to PN71xx NFC controller

255|msm8909:/data #

please help me to solve the problem.