SC20 Firmware Update Files

Hi, inside the provided firmware for the SC20 board i got the next folder as example for the SC20-E


Inside this folder we got two different files


One ends with the _prebuild and the other with the _update

Can someone please explain the right process to update this files? It’s required to apply first the prebuild and later the update or it’s enough to apply just the update one?

Thank you.

Hi marcdev,

what are you want to do? if you want to building engineering, you can follow this document firstly, you can read these document path \overseas\Android8.1.0\Document\Build

Hello abby.wu, i read these documents but doesn’t talk about these Firmware files. So to clarify things, these files are just a prebuild android image by Quectel right?

Hi marcdev,

yes,the _prebuild is used to this file:

the _update package is the version in the moudle

thank you!

ok clear, . The _update package so is not signed ( not using secure boot ) right?

Thank you again.

Hi marcdev,

yes,the _update is the compiled version in it, it is the version of the quectel moudle.

Hi abby.wu,

It’s clear now, thank you.