SC20 facing issue with flashing


I am using SMART-EVB_V1.3 kit. Recently tried to flash newly build images ends-up in recovery.

Now looking for suggested tool &/or dependencies to flashing.

Tried pre-built images through QMSCT tool getting error… “rawprogram_unsparse.xml does not exist!”

Also tried with QFIL tool but don’t have “” as in docs.

Appreciate feedback.


you should download with QFIL.
you can get from our FAE. they will send you a document which will describe how to use the QFIL.
If you have anyother file want to get, you can ask our FAE for help.

I have the same issue - don’t know what FAE is, how do I contact them?

where are you come from?

My company is located in Israel

i have told our FAE base on Israel to contact you.

Hi Yonatan,

Please send me an email and I’ll reply you.


I sent an email last week and haven’t gotten a response yet - please contact me

Hi Yonatan,

I didn’t see any email from you.
Please send me your email/phone and I’ll send you the requested file.


I’ve sent another one just now, to
Please check that you’ve received it.

Hi Yonatan,

I didn’t receive your email.
Please provide your email address.


I’d rather not post my email address in an online forum - please provide some other way of communicating with you, and/or check the email address you provided.

Thank you.

You can send me a message with your email to my mobile: