SC20-EL Yocto question

Hi, I’m using the SC-20 linux Yocto and I need to modify the linux kernel defaults and generate a new
I’me new to Yocto, so my question is: where is the DTS files and the configuration one used
for sc20 ?
Where I can change then in the recipes?

The kernel directory is : kernel/msm-3.18
And you needn’t to modify any other recipes.
The SC20 device tree directory is:

Hi Bean Wang:
I Known that the dts are here, but there are a lot of them.
I think sc20’s dts are placed under arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom:
Here are stored a lot of msm8909xxxxx.dts , which of them is used in the sc20 quec-smart build?
The same for arch/arm/configs, which msm8909xxx_defconfig is used?
That’s is not clear to me


Hi msangalli
Actually amost all the dts like msm8909* are compiled into the boot.img.

It provide a way for you to extract the dtb from the boot,img.
And then you can use the dtc to objdump the dtb. Then you would get the dtsi.

Which dtsi are compiled, you can check the arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/Makefile.
msm8909_defconfig ----> build-8909-quec-smart-image
msm8909-perf_defconfig —>build-8909-quec-smart-perf-image /build-8909-quec-smart-user-image
msm8909w*_defconfig ----> for SC20WL (wifo only version)

Hi Bean Wang: thank You very much!
The tool is very usefull!!!
I’ found that in the boot image are store up to 54 dtb:
in effect all of the msm8909-related dtb stored in arch/arm/boot/dtb/are used,
the only question now is which of them is really used?
Do You known where linux select the rigth dtb?
Thank You again

It’s hard to say.
It depends on what exactly you plan to do.
If you care about the gpio related device tree
the most common and sure to be used are, msm8909.dts → msm8909.dtsi->msm8909-mtp.dtsi ->msm8909-pinctrl.dtsi

Thank You very much: i will dig into that dts,: msm8909-pinctrl.dtsi seems a good candidate
to start.