SC20 Boot issue Android 8


I just downloaded this firmware to my evaluation board using QFIL tool and everything is working fine.

The issue is once i build my own images, and i update the board using my custom images. Using QFIL or fastboot produces the same result.
I just got some lines displayed and the board hangs. Please see the attached picture.

Any idea what might be going on?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi marcdev,

What images have you updated? Maybe your modification caused it.

Hi abby.wy,

I haven’t made any modifications to the images. I just cloned the android repository, copied the quectel sdk and compiled the images.

The output files are:

I downloaded Android 8 using QFIL with the prebuild package from Quectel.
The board is working fine, using fastboot to update the images with my build ones produces the above issue with the lines on the screen and the board is not able to boot.

Using my images with the QFIL package produces the same issue.

Hi marcdev,

Have you opened Quectel android code from FAE support? Where did you get your code with the compling? Maybe you can connect our FAE to confirm it.

Thank you!

Hi abby.wu,

I obtained the android code from my FAE.

If you want, I can contact my fae about the case to see how to solve it.

Hello abby.wu,

I got some information about the process. Once the board is working using the prebuild Quectel images, i can update: boot.img, system.img, userdata.img and recovery.img with my build files.

Using fastboot all is working as expected. Once i flash the aboot partition using my built emmc_appsboot.mbn i got the lines on the screen and the board is not able to boot. So i can confirm that the issue is on the emmc_appsboot.mbn file.

Some idea of what’s going on?

Thanks again.

Hi marcdev,

I think you can contact local fae to open git server from Quectel to get sdk code, as that you can download the latest code with sc20-Android8. Then you can try to complie emmc_appsboot.mbn for a test.


I’ll do it. Thanks for the help.

Hi, I am using the SC20 board with Android 7 and I want to use Android 8 on that board. Please share the link to download the source and images.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi, The_Martian_Man

The access of source codes could be available from our Local FAE, and they will arrange the account for you for getting the entry of repository.