SC20 battery charging

Once battery is fully charged and we keep USB cable plugged in, will SC20 keep sinking current from USB cable? and will battery stay 100% charged? Also is it possible to get internal lithium bat charger/fuel gauge performance characteristics?

Battery charging consists of three stages:Trickle charging,Constant current mode and Constant voltage mode.
In constant voltage mode,when the battery level reaches 100%,the charging is completed.

and after charging is complete, will SC20 keep getting power from USB cable? and battery will stay 100% ? is that correct?

Yes,the battery’s charging and discharging are protected by moudle.

@Great.Zheng-Q I got your point that battery charging and discharging is protected by SC20 module, but will module keep getting power from USB cable after battery is fully charged?

The module don’t use the power from battery if USB cable is connected.