SC20-AX_EX smart module questions


We are considering using the SC20-AX smart module with yocto linux for production in a new product.
I have a few basic questions that i didnt manage to get a clear answer to and would like some help with.

  1. Does the module come with any sort of linux image pre-installed already or do i have to upload my own to every unit? I am talking about the bare module itself, not the EV board.
  2. What is the simplest way to interact with the module without using a screen? Is it possible to just connect it with UART serial and remote to its terminal?
  3. From where can you send the AT command to the GSM module? Can i do it directly from the terminal? Is there an example program on the image or do i have to do it from the UART pins on the chip?

Any help would be apprechated. Thank you

  1. The module already defaults to the linux system.
  2. Terminal interaction, our development board supports adb, debug serial port, sshd and other connection methods.
  3. The SC20 module has gsm built in, gsm is a node on our linux, you can send and execute through the read and write nodes, or you can call our encapsulated api interface.