Save configuration L26-M33

I’m using L26-M33 GNSS module and I have changed baud rate ( of UART) and update rate to 10Hz.
I would like to save the new configuration in non volatile memory (Flash memory I think). So after power cycle (on/off), It will start with new the configuration.

I didn’t find this command? Does anyone know the command for save the configuration?

Currently, the default baud rate can be modified through SDK commands, but the 10Hz configuration does not support saving flash. For details, please refer to the below.

If V_BCKP has a constant power supply, the configuration state will remain until both V_BCKP and VCC are powered off.

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Can I use the $PSTMSAVEPAR command? In addition to V_BCKP, is there other solution about 10Hz? For my application is important.
Thanks for you support.