Run Bluetooth on Timer

I am working on Project i have to send data on http server and also same data to be store in SD card and also used Bluetooth to dump store data from SD card to Bluetooth App.
Now my problem bluetooth pairing process.
Actually i want to start timer every 30 sec for search for pairing .
If get paired than it will send data to app.
but this portion not working could any suggest something.

I am tried some code but my timer is not working:

s32 ret;
ST_MSG msg;

// Register & open UART port
Ql_UART_Register(UART_PORT1, CallBack_UART_Hdlr, NULL);
Ql_UART_Open(UART_PORT1, 115200, FC_NONE);

Ql_UART_Register(UART_PORT2, CallBack_UART_Hdlr, NULL);
Ql_UART_Open(UART_PORT2, 115200, FC_NONE);
ret = Ql_Timer_Register(Stack_timer, Timer_handler, &m_param1);
    if(ret <0)
        APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--failed!!, Ql_Timer_Register: timer(%d) fail ,ret = %d -->\r\n",Stack_timer,ret);
    APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--Register: timerId=%d, param = %d,ret = %d -->\r\n", Stack_timer ,m_param1,ret);

    //register  a GP-Timer
    ret = Ql_Timer_RegisterFast(GP_timer, Timer_handler, &m_param2);
    if(ret <0)
        APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--failed!!, Ql_Timer_RegisterFast: GP_timer(%d) fail ,ret = %d -->\r\n",GP_timer,ret);
    APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--RegisterFast: timerId=%d, param = %d,ret = %d -->\r\n", GP_timer ,m_param1,ret);

    //start a timer,repeat=true;
    ret = Ql_Timer_Start(Stack_timer,ST_Interval,TRUE);
    if(ret < 0)
        APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--failed!! stack timer Ql_Timer_Start ret=%d-->\r\n",ret);
    APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--stack timer Ql_Timer_Start(ID=%d,Interval=%d,) ret=%d-->\r\n",Stack_timer,ST_Interval,ret);

    //start a GPTimer ,repeat=false
    ret = Ql_Timer_Start(GP_timer,GPT_Interval,TRUE);
    if(ret < 0)
        APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--failed!! GP-timer Ql_Timer_Start fail, ret=%d-->\r\n",ret);
    APP_DEBUG("\r\n<--GP-timer Ql_Timer_Start(ID=%d,Interval=%d) ret=%d-->\r\n",GP_timer,ST_Interval,ret);
   // Ql_RIL_Initialize();
 //   BT_COM_Demo();

    while (TRUE)
               case MSG_ID_RIL_READY:

                   APP_DEBUG("<-- RIL is ready -->\r\n");



               case MSG_ID_USER_START:



Note: I am new to this(Specially task concept How it is working)

Hello, what module are you using and what is the version number of the SDK you are using?

Its MC20 module.
SDK version MC20CB_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.7_Eclipse
Could u suggest any another pairing method or any other option.
Another problem i have store data in sd for 1 year and after that is one year data to dump to bluetooth app.
Now i dont how to read from sd (I have read all data in file or create different file day by day)

I tried this 2nd method by creating file day by day
but when i tried to read using for loop it will show some file data not send succesfully. in bt read function(all file read from SD is done properly but sending to Bluetooth is not done properly,).

So please provide solution