RTK LC29HBA with Base Station LG69T

I have tested a LC29HBA module with LG96TAS base station. After conducting tests, we obtained good results.

However, we haven’t been able to locate information regarding the accuracy or deviation of the calculated position in any of the data.

I found in the document:
LC29H&LC79H Series GNSS Protocol Specification
Version: 1.1

GST is not supported for LC29H (BA, CA, DA, EA*).

Could you please assist me in obtaining this information? Since it is a rover that obtained a fix solution, I would like to know how accurate is the obtained position.


Hi Rafael,

You can enable PQTMEPE output by sending: $PQTMCFGMSGRATE,W,PQTMEPE,1,2*1D

And saving PQTM configurations by: $PQTMSAVEPAR*5A

I will send you the latest protocol specificaiton via message.

Best regards.

Thanks Raphael.

One more question. I have this current firmware version. Is there a new one?

Best regards