RTC M95 Freeze but update from Network

I’m using the M95 module to design an alarm system, The RTC freeze, I update the module from the network, but the RTC doesn’t run.
Any suggestions?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry. For your issue, please check you use which method in the following to design your board.

By the way, whether you have check the following AT command setting, if not, please double check it. Thanks!

Good, with these recommendations my RTC is running now, I have a new doubt, if I use the +CCLK command the time shows with the zone in the last field represented in 4 units per hour; is it a way to get the time adjusted? I mean if I am in a zone with -1 hour (4 quarters less) is it possible than the time appears in the chain as the hour minus the 1 hour???


Sorry, with AT+CTZU=3 the time clock is showed according to the zone it is!