Router instead to a EVB (Evaluation Board) for plugging in the 5G module RM520N-GL?

Can we use a router instead of an EVB (Evaluation Board) for plugging in the 5G module RM520N-GL and then connect to a 5G network using the same 5G module plugged into the router?
Or do we necessarily need the evaluation board (Quectel 5G M.2 Evaluation-Kit | Shop - Kits + Platforms | tekmodul ) for connecting to the 5G network?

We connected the router to the ethernet port and logged into the router using ssh. The router is running a Linux-based OS . We tried to install the required Linux drivers from Quectel but some errors popped up when running the .quectel-CM script

Dear @saalim
Actually, router has their MCU to control the module, we are not sure if it is possible to work fine.

Thanks for the reply.
We finally got the module to work with the router,