RMU500-EK to prevent from handover

We are using RMU500-EK module that we embedded on moving small vehicles. It seems that we have have some video transmission issues when the vehicle is moving and the module switches from a base station to an other. We would like to lock the module on 1 specific base station. Is there any command to do that, to prevent the handover and remain attached to a deisred base station/cell? of course the vehicle will remain within the base station field.
Thanks for your support.


pci——NR defines 1008 different PCIs, ranging from 0 to 1008
freq ——The appointed frequency of cell to be locked
scs——The appointed subcarrier spacing of cell to be locked
band ——NR5G band number

  1. After setting, the configuration will be saved to NV automatically. It will take effect only after restart
  2. When using this command to lock the nr5g cell, you need to fix the module to SA mode first
  3. AT+QNWLOCK=“common/5g”,0 then clean the cell list that locked. It will take effect only after restart

Hi Herbert,

Thanks a lot for your prompt feedback. Really appreciate this.

One more question regarding the obligation to switch to SA mode in order to make this command work. The network here or the one we are using for our demos is most of the time Non Standalone at the moment. Does it affect this functionnality ?

Thanks again



You can try NSA mode

will do!

Thx Herbert