RMU500-EK not shown in device manager

After installing the Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.1 the module does not appear in the device manager. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Dear @upix
I have sent the driver to you via Message, please try again.

@silvia thanks for your reply, however I’m still not able to see RMU500 EK after installing the driver you sent me. Also only one LED (red) is turned on when plugging in the usb cable. Is that normal? Thanks.

Dear @upix
It seems the module didn’t power on. I have sent the user juide via Message, please check.

@silvia thx for your manual. The module seems to be powered just fine. Right now, there is no functioning SIM Card in the module, I still wonder why the module is not shown in device manager. Is a functioning SIM Card a requirement for the module just to get detected via USB?

Dear @upix
Please try to insert a SIM card, then try again.

I have the same issue. Driver was installed OK. Module is without SIM card.