RMU500-EK jumping between LTE and 5G - AT command to perfer 5G network?

Hello community!

I work with several RMU500-EK modules to achieve 5G connectivity between distributed PCs and Raspberry PI’s. I did manage to connect them to each other (ping, FTP tests, iperf3 tests,…).

I get relative good download and upload speeds based on 5G network here (450 Mbits/s download /120Mbits/s upload) This are current maximum speed defined by cell tower also. But this are the best results. A lot of the time the results of iperf3 tests are lower (40 Mbits/s download / 20 Mbits/s upload).

The problem is (base on Tower data that was given to me), that it constantly changes between LTE and 5G network.

Now the question: Is there an AT command that I can set the module to “perfer” or always use 5G network if it is available?

Thank you all for any help!

Dear @MiPi
Could you share with us which module you used? And the firmware query via AT+QGMR.