RM530NG - firmware request + RF latest SMA port mapping spreadsheet

I’d like to request latest FW for RM530NG module + SMA port mapping spreadsheet. Thanks!

Dear @hubertmulewski
Which firmware did you used? did you want to know antanna mapping?

Hi, I have not used any firmware, this is out of the box SW:
Revision: RM530NGLAAR01A02M4G

yes I’d like to know antenna mapping + would be great to know bandiwth for bands as well, thanks

We have Modem RM530N-QL It is not detecting the SIM card on BPI-R64 board/
With other Modem RM502Q SIM is detected properly.

Would like to know do we have any new Firmware for RM530N-GL.
Is the following Firmware for use the device in US or not?

Hardware | manufacturer: Quectel
| model: RM530N-GL
| firmware revision: RM530NGLAAR01A02M4G


Any updates? Its been a while…

Dear @hubertmulewski
Sorry for the late, I have sent the documents to you via Message, please check.

Dear @venugopal
I didn’t found newer than yours.
Did you confirm the antenna connected correctly?

Thanks Silvia.

Some how after couple of reboots , SIM detected in the Modem.
But we are getting IP as , it seems it is running in router mode.
Would like to know how to disable router mode and get public IP.

I tried AT commands to disable 5GNR but that didn’t help with RM530N-GL Modem.
Can you please send AT commands manual for RM530N-GL modems.

Venugopal usually means that you’re connected in IPv6-only mode.
Most mobile broadband subscribers do not receive public IPv4 addresses.

We tried connection type IPv4 only. That also didn’t help.

There should be some AT commands to disable router mode on that RM530N Modem.
Same behavior with RM502Q-AE modem too. It also got IP.

Can you send AT commands Manual w.r.t RM530N and RM502Q.

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I second that :+1: :slight_smile: